Laser Inscription

Laser inscription is the use of a very small and precise laser beam to etch letters, numbers and even graphics on the diamond surface, usually girdle area. The inscribed marks cannot be seen with the naked eye and just about be read under at least 10x magnification or using loupe.

G-ID uses ultrafast laser inscription technology to fabricate microdots (down to 5 micron) with great quality on gemstone surfaces, accompanying with transparent and high-contrast attributes, without causing any damage. In addition, our machine is equipped with high-precision motion that can provide extreme accuracy marking.

Inscribing a unique report number to gemstone girdle will make it possible to confirm the identity and verify its gemmological details in an easy way. Once the stone is mounted in a piece of jewellery, you will be able to recognize your gem and avoid unnecessary trouble when changing the size or etc.

We offer the option to inscribe a personal message with no more than 15 characters, and/or graphic logo on your gemstones or diamonds. The number, wording, and/or image will be permanently registered in our archive database. Please inquire for more information on this service.