Coloured Stone

G-ID accepts a wide range and complex variety of matter for identification, comprising single or series of loose gemstones, gemstones mounted or set in jewellery, lab-grown materials, and imitations. The complete information of treatment(s) – if applicable – should be arriving at an opinion on the presence or absence of any indications. Geographic origin determination may be included upon request and when it is possible to establish and is only available for ruby, sapphire, and emerald.

G-ID has strict standard procedures to prevent your item(s) from damages and track it from the time of initial intake until returning to the customer. Every sample will have its own unique series of numbers assigned as a bar-coded label, and will be collected for its p reliminary identity, such as weight, measurements, and proportions. We apply RFID technology tagged to the sample baggie throughout the process; the sample can be verified at every step whether its identity matches to the appeared record. All related people in the process can know which stage of the sample is being carried out.  

G-ID employs sophisticated technology ranging from microscopy to advanced spectroscopy, this allows our gemologists to perform all necessary analytical techniques required to properly determine its gemological identity and detect any treatments. At least two gemmologists independently perform the process of identification, an additional gemologist/specialist may be required for examination and double check principle in order to reach a consensus. 

G-ID pledges to make straightforward communication and transparent results to the public. Our gemmological descriptions conform to standards established by the international Laboratory Manual Harmonization Committee (LMHC).