Laboratory Background

G-ID Laboratories

The Gem Identification & Research Laboratories (G-ID Laboratories) is a gemmological laboratory, established in 2021 by a unique group of passionate gemmologists to publicize Gemology, strengthen the impartiality, independently guarantee the quality of gem and jewellery and promote research in the kind of sciences related to the origin, value, properties, treatments, synthesis and manipulation of gemstones.

Our Integrity

G-ID has highly specialised laboratory equipment and facilities, as well as trained gemmologists, to provide standard testing on various types of gemstones, diamonds and precious metals.

At G-ID, we always seek to guarantee the satisfaction of the needs of our clients by complying with the requirements of national and international standards. With more than 10 years of empirically gemmological testing and strong research background delivered, we can provide first-class results and achieve the highest level of accurate identification.

Quality and Standards Conformance

G-ID is equipped with the most advanced essential technology to carry out its analyses. Our staff members have been systematically trained in the earth sciences and analytical instrumentation to function effectively in such an environment. This ensures that the authenticity of gemstones, origins, and possible treatments can be tested in the most scientific, unbiased and trustworthy manners.

Collaboration among world-renowned gemmologists​

The lab is technically collaborating with universities, gemmological laboratories and research institutions worldwide. Our expert of G-ID is also members of all relevant international organizations of the gemstone industry, i.e., the International Gemmological Conference (IGC), the Internation Coloured Gemstone Association (ICA), and the Gemstone Industry Laboratory Conference (GILC).