Laboratory Background

G-ID Laboratories

The Gem Identification & Research Laboratories (G-ID Laboratories) is a gemmological laboratory established in 2021 by a dedicated group of passionate gemologists. Its mission is to promote the field of Gemology, enhance impartiality, ensure independent quality assurance of gemstones and jewellery, and foster research in sciences related to the origin, value, properties, treatments, synthesis, and manipulation of gemstones.

Our Integrity

At G-ID, our primary focus is on ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our clients by strictly adhering to national and international standards. With more than a decade of practical experience in gemmological testing and a strong research background, we strive to provide high-quality results and maintain a high level of accuracy in gemstone identification. We are continuously working to improve our services and expertise to better serve our clients.

Quality and Standards Conformance

G-ID is outfitted with cutting-edge essential technology necessary to conduct thorough analyses. Our staff members undergo systematic training in earth sciences and analytical instrumentation, enabling them to operate effectively in this environment. This rigorous training ensures that we can scientifically and impartially test the authenticity, origins, and possible treatments of gemstones, providing our clients with reliable and trustworthy results.

Collaboration among world-renowned gemmologists​

The laboratory actively engages in technical collaborations with universities, gemmological laboratories, and research institutions worldwide. Furthermore, our expert is member of international organizations relevant to the gemstone industry, including the International Gemmological Conference (IGC), the International Coloured Gemstone Association (ICA), and the Gemstone Industry Laboratory Conference (GILC). These memberships demonstrate our commitment to staying connected with the global gemstone community and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements and industry standards.